Who Are We

Ultras NFT is a collection of 2000 NFTs built on the Elrond blockchain created for Nerdytips platform. The idea of this collection is to support the growth of Nerdytips. Your invesment will be used mainly for marketing and you will become an associate in an established business.

Nerdytips is a football predictor with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms developed in more than 2 years. The platform already has monthly paying customers.

Become an Ultras and enjoy all the benefits of being part of this community!

Passive Income
  • 60% of Nerdytips revenue will be redirected to the holders
  • 75% of royalties will be distributed to the holders
Lifetime subscription for Nerdytips

Being an Ultras owner means you will hold a lifetime subscription for Nerdytips

Airdrops & Giveaways

Our holders will enjoy being part of numerous giveaways and exclusive airdrops



Passive Income

Nerdytips - Soccer Predictor with Artificial Intelligence

The main source of passive income for Ultras NFT holders is the Nerdytips platform.

  • Nerdytips offers soccer tips for matches from over 160 leagues
  • The platform is developed using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms
  • The platform already has monthly paying customers and generates revenue
  • Nerdytips was released in June 2021, after two years of development
  • The website can offer an unlimited number of subscriptions.
  • The goal of Ultras NFT is to contribute to the worldwide expansion of the platform
Nerdytips Revenue Distribution

60% of the revenue will be distributed to the community in the following way:

  • 50% will go to all Ultras NFT holders
  • 10% will go to Easter Egg holders

Among the 2000 NFTs from Ultras NFT collection, there will be 50 Easter Eggs which will generate more passive income than a regular NFT

How do I know I minted an Easter Egg?

You will know you minted an Easter Egg if your NFT contains the Nerdytips logo. Look for this symbol in your NFT and if you find it, you are the lucky owner of an Easter Egg.

All you have to do in order to become an Ultras and be rewarded is to hold an Ultras NFT in your wallet.

The more you hold, the more you earn!

Depending on the type of reward, it will be distributed weekly or monthly.

Nerdytips Revenue Distribution

Every Wednesday you will get your rewards from Nerdytips right into your wallet, in Elrond. You can check your rewards on https://ultrasnft.live. Be prepared for #UltrasWednesday.

Royalties Distribution

75% of the royalties will be monthly distributed to our community, in Elrond.



How To Purchase

  • Ultras NFT will be available on Xoxno.
  • The private sale starts on 20th April 9pm UTC +3 with only 200 Ultras. You can become WL on our Discord server.




Easter Eggs


NFTS in Presale


Presale - 200 NFTS for 0,75 EGLD (SOLD-OUT)
Drop 2 - 300 NFTS for 1,25 EGLD (SOLD-OUT)
Drop 3 - 500 NFTS for 1,5 EGLD (TBD)
Drop 4 - 500 NFTS for 1,75 EGLD
Drop 5 - 500 NFTS for 2 EGLD


Q2 2022

Ultras NFT Official Release

Private sale starts on 20th April 9pm UTC +3.

Q2 2022

Marketing Strategy

Start Developing a Marketing Strategy for promoting Nerdytips.

Q2 2022

SEO Increase

Invest in SEO in order to increase the organic traffic on Nerdytips.

Q2 2022

Airdrops and Giveaways

Ultras NFT holders will enjoy periodical giveaways and exclusive airdrops.

Q3 2022

Romanian Domain for Nerdytips

Add a new domain which will contain the Romanian version for SEO purposes.

Q3 2022

Increase the Awareness

Discuss with influencers in order to promote and increase the awareness for Nerdytips worldwide.

Q4 2022

Launch IOS App

The IOS App for Nerdytips will be launched.

Q4 2022

Extend Nerdytips to other country domains

Based on the nationalities of the website users, we will extend Nerdytips to other country domains.

Q4 2022

Implement EGLD payment on Nerdytips

A new feature will be added to Nerdytips: the ability to subscribe by paying with EGLD.


Daniel Ionescu
CEO & Software Engineer

With an experience of more than 5 years in Software Engineering, Daniel is the one who brought Ultras NFT and Nerdytips to life. He puts a lot of passion in everything he does and he invested two years in the development of Nerdytips.

Mihaela Dobre
CTO & Software Developer

Mihaela is an experienced Java Developer and an NFT enthusiast. She is the co-founder of Nerdytips and her passion for football and programming make her the perfect fit for all the technical aspects of the project.

Vlad Neagu
Legal Advisor & Social Media Specialist

Vlad is a professional legal advisor and he is the man behind social media. He is full of ideas which will lead to the growth of the project. Also, in the betting domain, a legal advisor's input is mandatory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultras NFT?

Ultras NFT is a collection of 2.000 NFTs built on the Elrond blockchain.

The price for an Ultras NFT will be different, based on the drop. It will start from 0,75 EGLD during presale and it will reach 2 EGLD in the last drop.

Once the collection is launched, you will be able to purchase your NFT from Xoxno, the open decentralised market on Elrond.

No, you cannot purchase a specific Ultras NFT, the distribution process is completely random.

After you purchase the NFT, you can find it in more places:

  • on Xoxno, by going to the 'My NFTs' section
  • in your Elrond web wallet
  • on the Profile tab in the Maiar application
What is Nerdytips?

Nerdytips is a soccer predictor platform, built with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. The website will be the main source of passive income for Ultras NFT holders.

If you purchase an Ultras NFT, you will enjoy a lifetime subscription on Nerdytips. All you have to do is to login using your Elrond wallet and all the website content will be available to you.

Ultras NFT is a passive income source. Nerdytips is used from people worldwide and even if you will not use the website content, the weekly revenue that it produces will go to all NFT holders.

People who want to use the platform content need to purchase a subscription and the revenue is generated from the total amount of subscriptions that are purchased.

What are the sources of passive income?

Our NFT holders will receive passive income from:

  • Nerdytips - 60% of the revenue will be weekly distributed to the NFT holders: 50% to everyone and 10% to Easter Egg holders
  • Royalties - 75% of the royalties will be monthly distributed to all NFT holders, equally

The only thing you have to do is to mint at least one NFT and to have it in your wallet when the distribution takes place. If you list your NFT for sale, you will no longer be eligible for receiving the rewards.

Yes, the more NFTs you have, the higher the rewards will be. Your rewards can be checked on https://ultrasnft.live

You will receive the revenue in your Elrond wallet:

  • weekly, for Nerdytips
  • monthly, for royalties
What is an Easter Egg?

In the Ultras NFT collection, there are some NFTs which are Easter Eggs. What makes them different from the other NFTs is that they contain the logo of Nerdytips on one of the elements of the NFT.

There will be 50 Easter Eggs in the collection.

Yes, if you mint an Easter Egg you will earn more from Nerdytips. 10% of the revenue generated by the platform will be equally distributed between the Easter Egg holders.